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Emergency Dentistry Specialist

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Emergency Dentistry services offered in Willow Glen, San Jose, CA

Dental emergencies usually happen when you least expect it, but having a plan in place can prevent serious oral health complications. At Aqua Dentistry in San Jose, California, general, cosmetic, and family dentist Aishwarya Kumar, DDS, offers comprehensive emergency dentistry services to restore your teeth and gums when time is of the essence. Call the office to schedule an appointment, book one online, or simply walk into Agua Dentistry today.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry includes evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of common dental emergencies you or a loved one may experience. If you’d like to save a damaged tooth or avoid serious dental problems, seek treatment with Dr. Kumar right away. 

What are possible dental emergencies?

Examples of common reasons you might need emergency dentistry include:

  • Tooth pain
  • Gum pain
  • Bleeding soft tissue
  • Loose permanent tooth
  • Knocked-out permanent tooth
  • Broken tooth
  • Cracked or chipped tooth
  • Broken crown or bridge
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Tooth and gum swelling
  • Facial swelling
  • Pus in your gum line

If you’re unsure whether or not your situation constitutes a dental emergency, call Aqua Dentistry to speak with a friendly staff member.

What are the benefits of emergency dentistry?

The many benefits you can expect with emergency dentistry at Aqua Dentistry include:

  • Restored teeth
  • Same-day care
  • No wait times
  • Exceptional service
  • Experienced providers
  • Improved oral health
  • Low risk of future problems

Dr. Kumar saves severely decaying or damaged teeth whenever possible. She prioritizes emergency dentistry patients to ensure they get the prompt care they need.

What should I do during a dental emergency?

If you or a family member has a dental emergency, it’s important to stay calm. Place pressure on any bleeding and save a broken or knocked-out permanent tooth. Place it in milk, saliva, or back in its socket and head to Aqua Dental right away. Apply a cold compress to aching or swollen tissues.

What happens during emergency dentist visits?

During emergency dentist appointments with Dr. Kumar, she immediately assesses your situation and relieves any discomfort you might have. She takes dental X-rays if needed, examines your teeth and gums, and discusses your oral health history.

Dr. Kumar offers a variety of emergency dentistry services, such as root canals, crowns, bridges, extraction, dental bonding, dental veneers, and much more. She tailors each treatment to restore your teeth, gums, and smile while eliminating any discomfort.

To learn more about emergency dentistry at Aqua Dentistry, call the office, or schedule an appointment online today. If you have a dental emergency, you can also walk into the office without an appointment.