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Patient Reviews

Dr. Kumar is the best dentist I have ever had. She is clear and patient when describing what is needed with options guiding you through steps. I highly recommend her! Amelia

Amelia V. | May 08, 2024
Dr. Kumar has been my dentist since the Covid pandemic, during which a terrible toothache led me to seek out her services. I have trauma from a very bad dental experience at age 5. In sharing this with Dr. Kumar and her staff, I was met with compassion, caring, and kindness - and expert services! I love these people and their thorough and caring dental practice. Definitely a step above the rest - amd such a lovely office staff as well as a very clean and attractive office environment.

Francine B. | Sep 11, 2023
Dr. Kumar does an amazing high-quality job with every procedure. I have been coming here for years and just recently my three children enjoyed going to their first check up there. I love the office environment and everyone there. Linda at the reception area is a great host! She remembers many details of my medical history to support me efficiently every time we interact. I definitely recommend them!

Angela G. | Aug 03, 2023
Aqua Dentistry has been very welcoming and friendly. Dr Kumar is so gentle and explains everything so well. Highly recommend!

Santa M. | Sep 09, 2022
Staff is always great and the new doctor is very informative and reassuring. 10/10

Mele T. | May 24, 2022
Very helpful and kind for my 1st visit.

Gloria P. | May 24, 2022
Cualquier pregunta que se tenga, ella la va a responder, súper delicada a la hora de tratar con mis dientes, es muy clara y hace buen trabajo!

LAURA N. | Jan 20, 2022
Dr. Kumar is wonderful; she’s patient, kind, funny & a great dentist! I recommend her practice to everyone I know.

Michelle P. | Dec 24, 2021
"I have received excellent dental care and consultation from Aqua Dentistry."

Kristine B.
"Great service, very clean, and overall just a great environment!"

Happy C.
"Bilingual doctor and staff. Great location, offices, service, and staff."

Angela G.
"The best dental experience I've ever had! The staff is professional, friendly and extremely accommodating."

Maricela D.
"This was my first visit with Dr. Kumar since taking over the practice from Dr. Clark. I am very happy with my care from Dr. Kumar and the team at aqua dentistry. Similar to Dr. Clark, Dr. Kumar is very friendly and quickly put me at ease. Dr. Kumar provides rationale for her interventions and my teeth look fantastic!"

Faye R.
"Very professional, and made me feel calm and it's clean."

Rosemary F.